Estradiol Undecylate (10ml)


Estradiol Undecylate in Castor Oil, and Benzyl Alcohol – 400mg/10ml (40mg/ml)

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Estradiol Undecylate is a very long lasting ester of estradiol, making it ideal for monthly injections.

NOTE: Estradiol undecylate levels can be highly unpredictable and vary up to 10x by person. It is not recommended to use unless you have access to blood tests. A commonly recommended starting dose according is 40mg injected once monthly but it may have to be adjusted.

Vials should be stored out of direct sunlight, ideally at room temperature. In ideal storage conditions, vials may have a shelf life of up to 5 years. If the vial becomes discoloured of the stopper is compromised, do not use.