How to order

Buying cryptocurrency

There are many ways to buy cryptocurrency but they can mostly be divided into the cheap way (using a centralized exchange), or the quick way (using an on-ramp). Monero followed by litecoin are the preferred currencies however we also accept ethereum and bitcoin.

The cheap way

The cheapest way to buy cryptocurrency is through a centralized exchange. Exchanges usually offer the best purchasing rates and the lowest fees. However it should be noted that some exchanges have a mandatory waiting period before you can send your crypto to an external wallet. Kraken, the exchange we often recommend, holds crypto for a 3 day waiting period before it can be sent. You will have to verify your identity to use a centralized exchange.

The quick way

Direct on-ramps, like Moonpay or Simplex, offer quicker purchasing at the cost of higher fees. Using one of the on-ramps, you can expect to receive your crypto within 24 hours, although you will likely also have to go though identity verification.

Sending cryptocurrency

When asked for a receiving address by either a centralized exchange or an on-ramp you have 2 options; withdrawing to an external wallet, or sending to the payment address directly. It is recommended to withdraw to an external wallet and have payment ready before ordering however it is not a requirement.

Sending to an external wallet

The first thing you will have to do is download a external wallet, for bitcoin and litecoin, electrum/electrum-ltc are popular choices, while the monero GUI wallet is the best for that. For ethereum, metamask is one of the go to’s. After that, it’s as simple as getting your receiving address and sending it there from wherever you bought your crypto.

Sending directly to the store payment address

This option is not recommended simply because withdrawals from on-ramps/exchanges can often run into delays and if you exceed the 24 hour crypto payment window after making an order it will be cancelled. It is however quite simple as you just have to enter the store payment address without having to deal with any external wallets.

Placing and completing an order

It is strongly recommended that you have crypto ready to pay before placing an order as there is a 24 hour limit to pay once the order is placed. Once you have crypto ready, it works like any other online store with the only difference being that instead of paying with a credit/debit card, you will be redirected to a third party crypto payment gateway. Please make sure you have enough crypto to account for fees. At the payment gateway there will be a number in whatever currency you intent to pay with (eg, 1.06ltc), make sure to pay the amount shown in your choice of currency rather than a dollar amount.

What if I miss the payment window?

If you’ve placed an order and the payment window has expired, please contact us.

What if I accidentally underpay?

Small underpayments (<1% of total purchase amount) and overpayments will go through without any issues, however if you are severely under the requested amount you will have the rest of the payment window to send the final portion of the amount owed or your order will be cancelled.