What postal carrier do you ship with?

We exclusively use Canada Post.

Do I have to use my legal name for shipping information?

Canada Post does not require that your legal name be the same one on the package. HOWEVER, you must be able to prove with a piece of photo ID that you are a resident of the home the package is addressed to. We would recommend against using a name that’s not on your ID if you are ordering to to an address not on your legal ID.

Why is my tracking number not showing up?

Tracking numbers will not activate until the package is processed through a Canada Post facility, usually the night after it is dropped off (provided the package is dropped off before 5pm, otherwise it will be the next night). For example, if you receive tracking at 7pm on Monday, the tracking number may not activate until Tuesday night.

How much estrogen should I take?

Recommendations vary, but a commonly accepted dose for Estradiol Enanthate is 5mg (0.125) injected once weekly. See product descriptions for more information.

What needles should I use?

For MCT oil based injections, insulin needles for subcutaneous injections are a popular choice. For castor oil, which is much thicker and therefore requires a larger needle to draw from, drawing with a 22 gauge needle and injecting intramuscularly with a 25 gauge needle works well from anecdotal reports.

Do you offer alternatives to crypto for payment?

No. Opsec reasons.

How do I order?

Check out our ordering guide.

Is your estrogen safe?

Taking any prescription medication without the guidance of a doctor is inherently risky, but estradiol injections have an extremely low risk of side effects beyond those inherent to estrogen (breast growth, fat redistribution, metabolic changes, etc).

We unfortunately do not have the capacity to manufacture to the same standards as pharma companies, but our practices meet community standards, and we have never had any issues with any of our vials. Check out our safety information page for more details, and our customer reviews on diyhrt.market.

Do you offer returns/refunds/reshipments?

Unfortunately, returning purchased items is not possible, due to security concerns. We generally do not offer refunds, however, if your package does not arrive or is damaged, we will reship it free of charge.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

If you are interested in making a bulk order for local distribution/reselling/any other reason, please contact us, and we would be happy to arrange something.

Do you offer discrete shipping?

Packages are shipped without any external information that would identify the contents. If you would like an alternate label for the vial, please leave it in the “order notes” section while ordering.